About Accessory Alchemy

Ali Krajewski is a Long Beach based artisan self taught in the age-old tradition of jewelry-making

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Steampunk Is:

Steampunk is sometimes referred to as “The Greatest Era that Never Existed.”  It was the allure of this idea that drew me into steampunk initially.  Roughly based in the Victorian Era, the Steampunk Era is full of mechanical wonderment limited by imagination rather than factual data.  It is with steampunk that I found a design base that I love and the freedom to create wildly with it, without fear of misrepresenting an historical era.  


Jewelry Is:

The needlessness of jewelry, and yet the desire to have it, is what makes jewelry meaningful, valuable, and (historically) important.  I had been making jewelry for as long as I could put beads on string, but my drive to make jewelry was based on the desire to learn a technique.  While finishing the item gave me a sense of accomplishment, the resultant piece of jewelry wasn’t meaningful in the way I had hoped.  Over 20 years of learning techniques and playing in different genres would pass before I found my passion for Victorian jewelry and Steampunk.  

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I Am:

I am inspired by a time when great pride and craftsmanship were taken in everything – jewelry, architecture, clothing, timepieces, etiquette; and when great mechanical feats of engineering couldn’t be cranked out by the hundreds per day.  Pre-computer and pre-technology, my steampunk collection displays and preserves mementos from this era, so that they can be appreciated long past their own lifetimes, and to remind us all of simple times long ago.